Tracy Norris and Rosemary Willis are a Mother-Daughter Team and we have been teamed up since 1997.  We are in the business of selling homes and we love what we do.  When you make the important decision to buy or sell a home, we’re committed to going the extra mile to be your expert and advocate because caring about our clients is what we do.

 The Real Estate Industry is dynamic and continually changing but the bottom line is all about results.  Communication is KEY and we respond quickly, keeping our clients, lenders, other realtors and title representative informed.   We are expert negotiators, experienced professionals and good problem solvers.   We have the experience, skills and the tenacity you deserve to reach your desired goals and we promise to provide the best possible service, before, during and after a transaction closes.

The Willis Team
Tracy Norris, Principal Broker (503) 701-5972

Rosemary Willis, Broker (503) 702-2287

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